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Trashfuture Live in Berlin Podcast Recording

PodFest Berlin was founded to celebrate and support Berlin's podcast community. Our year round program of events and gatherings climaxes with the annual festival where we shine the spotlight on Berlin. At the same time, we love that podcasting is an international, border-less medium. We want to invite the world to see Berlin as a podcasting hub. Our live audience podcast tapings have made us a go-to producer for podcasts coming from abroad to record in front of the fans they have here in Germany.

We were proud to collaborate with the podcast Trashfuture, producing their sold out show at PodFest's 2022 festival home Noisy Rooms. Our friends at Corner Spaeti made the introduction and the event was fantastic. Trashfuture's fans are a very loyal, enthusiastic and fun group. We look forward to doing it again.

If you're not familiar with Trashfuture it's a very funny and smart podcast they describe as "a podcast about business success and making yourself smarter with the continued psychic trauma of capitalism". Expect unique takes on politics, tech, current events and odd headlines. Check out their website for episodes and more.

We're looking forward to bringing more of your favorite podcasts to Berlin. Who would you love to see live? Tell us, reach out, let's make it happen! Or if you've got a pod out there in the world and would like to do an event in Berlin, drop us a line - PodFest Berlin has venues, equipment and a team waiting to make it happen.

Sneak peak: Our next visiting international podcast is "Ones and Tooze" - stay tuned for ticket and event announcements.

Here's a little peak at the Trashfuture live recording supported by PodFest Berlin:

We have an even bigger Toblerone on the way... so subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on socials for live podcast events, community meetups, workshops and more.


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