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This was PodFest Berlin 2021

This is when and where it all started. Three days of podcast recordings in 4 different languages plus & all sorts of festival fun with amazing podcasters, friends and business partners.

Together with 500 attendees we kicked off the weekend and overall start of PodFest Berlin and ever since things have just continued to move up for the community and us as a festival. 

PodFest 2021 Credit Brant Strand


Whether you were part of PodFest Berlin 2021 or not -

here are some photos from this amazing 3-day festival to enjoy!


   SATURDAY OCT 23rd  at CCB

11:30AM •  Common Ground

 Podcast Recording • English 

12:30PM •  Podcaster Cafe

 Festival Event 

7:00PM •  Beyond Asian

 Podcast Recording • English

8:30PM •  The Cold Cast

 Podcast Recording • English

10:00PM •  Verprügelt mit Punchlines  Podcast Recording • DE  

11:30PM  •  Matilde und Georg produzieren Unterhaltung Podcast  • DE 

   SUNDAY OCT 24th  at CCB

11:30AM •  Mixtape Menage

 Podcast Recording • English

1:00PM •  Ice Cream Social

 Festival Event with Flicks n Scoops

2:00PM •  Podcasting in the New Cave

  The Berlin School of Podcasting

  Seminar in English

3:00PM •  Building a Story 

 with Tim Howard of Reply All

  Seminar in English

4:30PM •  Making Audio Visual

 Presented by Bear Radio

  Seminar in English

6:00PM  •  Radio Spaetkauf

 Podcast Recording • English

7:30PM  •  What's The Mate

 Podcast Recording • English

9:00PM  •  Frauenquote

 Podcast Recording • Deutsch

10:30PM  •  Adults Only

 Podcast Recording • English

   MONDAY OCT 25th  at DONAU115

2:30PM •  It's Mental!

 Podcast Recording • English

4:00PM •  La bottega di Babbel

 Podcast Recording • Italian

5:30PM •  Discover Immersive Audio

 with Kaleb Wentzel-Fisher

  Seminar in English

7:00PM •  Start Podcasting Now! 

 with Heli Newton / Hindenburg 

  Seminar in English

8:30PM  •  Bíó Tvíó

 Podcast Recording • Icelandic

10:00PM  •  Corner Spaeti

 Podcast Recording • English

11:30PM  •  Final Toast

 Festival Event 


We are proud to have had the cooperation of fantastic partners & collaborators on PodFest Berlin 2021.

PodFest Sponsor Patreon
PodFest Sponsor Shure
PodFest Sponsor Native Instruments
PodFest Sponsor Berlin School of Podcasting
PodFest Sponsor Bear Radio
PodFest Sponsor Pirate Studios
PodFest Sponsor Audry
PodFest Sponsor Goodpods
PodFest Sponsor Hindenburg
PodFest Sponsor
PodFest Sponsor 20 Percent Berlin
PodFest Sponsor Donau115
PodFest Sponsor BH
PodFest Sponsor Crazy Bastard Kitchen
PodFest Sponsor O'Donnell
PodFest Sponsor Comedy Cafe Berlin
PodFest Sponsor EarBuds
PodFest Sponsor LOLA
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