The Berlin podcast community has grown tremendously in recent years.
PodFest Berlin is a celebration of our achievements and our hard work.

PodFest Berlin Podcast Community



In 2021 we recorded live podcasts in four languages. Our goal for 2022 is twelve.

At PodFest Berlin, there is no ideal accent, no perfect pronunciation and no perfect diction. Grammar and vocabulary are beautiful tools, but language exists to facilitate communication, not to create barriers.


The basic tools for creating and listening to podcasts are widely available. Anything PodFest Berlin can do to remove the obstacles -or the perception of obstacles- improves the medium and the community.

Because of this, our podcast selection does not involve ranking the number of listeners, downloads or other industry metrics. “Success” to PodFest Berlin means publishing the podcast you want to make. We also lovingly celebrate the hard work of experienced podcasters, the skill of professionals and the achievement of reaching a large audience.


PodFest Berlin exists to celebrate and serve Berlin’s community of podcasters, podcast fans, and our neighbors, friends and families. We invite the world to join us and see Berlin as a nest of talented and hardworking people making amazing shows.

Equality is our guiding value. Diversity and inclusion are foundational commitments. We recognize that many opportunities and privileges are not evenly distributed within our community and aim to rectify that inequality.

Daniel Stern PodFest Berlin Founder Credit Bernd Ott

Originally from the United States, Stern moved to Berlin in 2010, and his life changed.  The city gave him permission to explore art and live a creative life.  Dan began writing in earnest for the first time in his life, focussing mainly on screenwriting before turning his attention to stand-up comedy. He hosted and produced a cult late night talk show “Night Show Berlin” where he met Joel Dullroy. Joel invited Dan to join the team that makes Radio Spaetkauf, a Berlin podcast institution with listeners around the world.  Their mini-series “How To F#€k Up An Airport” drew international praise and continues to see downloads well after its final episode was released.

Daniel Stern has performed for crowds in the United States and Europe, is a prolific headliner of the Berlin stand up scene and has a knack for experimental comedy and having fun with audiences.

Ina Moana PodFest Berlin Social Media

With a focus on social media and design, Ina works on bringing PodFest on people's screens and engaging with the community. As a Freelance Creative she works across a range of visual disciplines with a mixed media approach and aims to break generic rules in society and art, to contribute to a new standard of diversity. Starting off in London, Ina was able to acquire different creative skills and establish a strong network in an industry hot spot. Now settled in Germany she is able to use the experiences and connections to build dynamic visual worlds, while still connecting and working on an international level.


Our team is growing: get in touch if you’d like to add your expertise or enthusiasm to PodFest Berlin.

We are seeking professionals as well as volunteers.