The Berlin podcast community has grown tremendously in recent years.
PodFest Berlin celebrates this achievement with a three day festival. 

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Comedy Café Berlin.   Friends call it  “CCB”. Berlin’s first international, alternative comedy stage and bar. It is the local epicenter of North American-style improv comedy, a destination for stand up comedy and a home for live podcast recordings.

In 2015, CCB raised over €10.000 in one of Germany’s first successful Kickstarter campaigns.  Since opening, CCB has hosted the Berlin Fringe Festival as well as Berlin’s first alternative improv comedy festival - Das Improv Festival - with sold out shows and comedians from around the globe.

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Daniel Stern.   Originally from the United States; Stern moved to Berlin in 2010, and his life changed.  The city gave him permission to explore art and live a creative life.  Dan began writing in earnest for the first time in his life, focussing mainly on screenwriting before turning his attention to stand up comedy.  He hosted and produced a cult late night talk show “Night Show Berlin” where he met Joel Dullroy.  Joel invited Dan to join the team that makes Radio Spaetkauf, Berlin podcast institution with listeners around the world.  Their mini-series “How To F#€k Up An Airport” drew international praise and continues to see downloads well after its final episode was released.

Daniel Stern has performed for crowds in the United States and Europe, is a prolific headliner of the Berlin stand up scene and has a knack for experimental comedy and having fun with audiences.