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What is PodFest Berlin?

A gathering of Berlin's podcasters, audio professionals, and audio hobbyists in on the weekend of July 16+17. We will record, collaborate, learn, network and most importantly celebrate. Our goal is to build a community in Berlin around podcasting.


Why should I apply?

Whether you attend, record an episode, or participate in an event PodFest Berlin offers you the chance to connect with podcasters, engineers, producers you might not meet with otherwise. You also get to meet your listeners. It is very satisfying to know they actually exist. 


How might I participate in PodFest?

Spend the weekend attending podcast recordings, panels, and presentations from your favorite Berlin podcasters. Have fun, learn and meet colleagues.


Record an episode of your podcast at the festival. Record in front of a live audience! Or choose a private studio, if you prefer. We provide everything you need including an engineer. Just bring your voice and an SD card.



For podcasters who won’t record an episode but instead guest on another podcast, give a presentation, or be part of a panel.


Perform / Exhibit

Podcasters who would like to be part of the festival, but in another role: Showcase you band, screen your film, perform standup, present your craft, artwork or culinary skills. We want to show off everything Berlin podcasters are capable of.

Recording at the Festival: Questions

What if my show was/is a limited run?

Podcasts of limited run can still make an episode - a follow up, a Q+A, there are great opportunities to revitalize your feed. If you are on the middle of the run a special or mini episode can be a nice way to say hi to listeners or create something extra for subscribers.


What if my podcast is heavily produced, and doesn't fit a live recording?

Consider doing a special episode, or recording part of your content. 


Are the shows broadcast or livestreamed?

No. You will be given the recording to edit, and add to your normal feed.

What is the "stinger"?

We ask to add a very short ( ~ten second) clip to your episode saying that it was recorded at the festival. This might mention a sponsor.

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