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PodFest Berlin Podcast community and festival in Berlin
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PodFest Berlin's annual festival: A homegrown celebration of our city's podcasts and podcasters.

Berlin is home to more podcasts than ever, 
but the people making them seldom cross paths.

We gather everyone under one roof
to celebrate all that we have achieved.


Our next festival takes place September 2024. Get involved however suits you best. Our community consists of podcasters, podcast fans, audio industry professionals, business partners and anyone excited about creating an amazing event.

We're always excited to expand the PodFest Berlin family. 

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In recent years, the Berlin podcast community has grown tremendously. Podcasting is a medium made and consumed in isolation, yet creates a sense of intimacy between loyal listeners and dedicated creators. PodFest Berlin’s live podcast recordings change that ironic dynamic; providing a rare opportunity for Berlin listeners and podcasters to connect in person.

“We’re a community who wants to connect, amplify each other and find ways to collaborate” says founder Daniel Stern, “I also started PodFest Berlin in order for podcast fans and creators to be in the same place at the same time. It’s wonderful and rare for most podcast hosts to see the appreciation of their audiences in person”.


PodFest Berlin was founded in 2021. The three day event was a resounding success and the decision to continue into 2022 was made before the weekend’s final curtains.

The first PodFest Berlin set a table for Berlin’s diverse podcast community and in its second year added more seats around that table. The festival has grown in size from 500 to 2000 attendees and tripled the represented languages from four in 2021 to a total of fifteen.

In 2023 it became a year-round podcasting hub, with weekly events including community get togethers, educational programs, podcast production and larger live stage tapings for  visiting international podcasts.


Experience PodFest Berlin

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